What the Zets are to me

by Raggtop

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At first, the zets to me were just a diversion. back then however, we werent really the zets. It was just people using msgs on unix to kill time. Nemo, Garth, Gargani (Godfather), Thor, Pup, Kirk, Nrt, and Me. The only person i knew was Kirk, from a class, and Pup from High School. Next term tho, Garth managed to track me down. He was the first zet to know everyone, and introduced me to Nemo and gargani in math 22, and to Sean (Thor) in the dl lab. About this time, noise, zaphod, oakes, and the other "founders" came into the picture. WIth everyone in either cs7, 45 46 47 or 48, a lot of time was spent in the Alumni RJE. Tuesdays and Thursdays the lab was usually packed with zets at all the terminals. MWF DL was the lab of choice. ANyways, with all the people around, everyone became friends with everyone else through real world interaction. I guess that is what the zets really meant to me, a new group of friends. I still try to keep that attitude. People i dont even know, if i know they are a zet, ill try to say hi to them, or just bullshit with them when i see them in a lab, or in class, or out and about. [...]


November 17, 1989

Home Intros