A Brief History of the Zets

by Noisy Piranha Underoos

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On January 30, 1986, Dean Falcione (a.k.a. "Nemo Rovaq Trax") proclaimed that the group of about fifteen Ultrix users who had recently formed their own mail group were established as "Zeta Zeta Clutterboard" the first on-line fraternity. Within a few months we established our first constitution and shortened our name to "Zeta Zeta C" (lacking a greek equivalent for the third letter). During the year to follow, we changed our name two more times, for a short time to "Zeta Zeta Chi" and then finally to "The Zets", which had always been the most commonly used name among the membership.

The progress of The Zets has taken different turns since its beginning. Our ever-growing and constantly-changing membership has gone through two constitutions and multiple elections of officers. And although we have been through conflicts and cliques, committees and constitutions, the friendships and brotherhood that we have established will last forever.

In late 1987, a group of members worked together to draw up one final constitution that would provide just enough policy to keep the group alive as an organization. The number of officers was reduced to two, committees were eliminated, and membership made easy.

All members who abide by the new constitution can participate in the elections of the President and Vice (Just Vice) of the Zets, held in January of every year. The new officers begin their term on January 31.

Under the new constitution, there is only one official Zets function, which is organized by the President. The "Founders Day Banquet" is the one day every year when all Zets, whether active now or active in the past, are asked to join together and celebrate the creation of the unique organization to which they belong. It is a time for all members, old and new, to enjoy each others' company and friendship. Every member is invited to attend. Guests are also most welcome -- after all, today's guest might be tomorrow's new member!

On-line Zets activities include sending and reading group mail and messages. Zets also gather informally for parties (sponsored by individual members) and weekly events such as "Pizza Night" (organized by special-interest- groups, or "SIGs"). NOTE: Now that you have been added to the Zets mail list, you should login AT LEAST once a day so that you don't get behind in reading your mail and messages!

Try to meet as many new Zets as possible by sending them mail and/or talk requests. If you are free Wednesday evening between 7:30pm and 9:00pm, stop in at Zets Pizza Night! It's at Sorrentos on Atwood Street in Oakland -- just look for the crowd!

Authored April 3, 1988
Revised Janurary 9, 2001

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